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BrandGuard LTD.

A Smart-Package connecting the entire delivery process


How does it work?

Ready to run on any mobile phone - no need to install anything!

  • Shipping details associated with package by simply scanning the code and the shipping document

  • Customers mark missing elements on screen by simply marking items

  • Built-in expansion allows for one-touch activation of warranty, direct link to video guides and more.

Advantages - eCommerce Sites


Avoid mistakes and unnecessary deliveries

Shipments get to the right address by simple QR scan

Reporting on mistakes immediate, less handling time

No repeat deliveries


Reduced Customer Service Costs

Service Center gets easy to handle reports

Reporting to delivery operations easy and direct

No extra complaints requiring complex handling


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Checking the delivery easy - right on the phone

Reporting on missing items does not require long wait times

Optional direct access to instruction manuals and warranty registration and details

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